November 17, 2009

Studio : Where I want to be.


This is a map.


An illustration I created depicting a carved bone map created by inuits to depict the coastline.

What an inspiring culture.

The last piece of cake in happy valley.


Happy Valley anyone?! Only takes 14 minutes.


Illustration in travelling show

”Places we don’t go to anymore when we grow up”
An imaginary journey into children’s book illustration

The show includes internationally known illustrators and runs from the 25th to the 29th of November 2009

at the Gaudeamus International Book Fair in Bucharest Romania

and will travel through the spring at Carturesti book shops throughout Romania.

Below : Illustration of Sedna in her umiak the moment before she discovers the true identity of her new husband.


November 16, 2009

A challenge

Sometimes a logo comes up that COULD be so wrong.

I am a hopeful person and I believe people can be renewed.

So out of a difficult acronym (which was very important too)

and a complex non-profit action plan the following logo was born.


The brochure for C.A.S.H.


Promo post cards


Jeriko photo shoot

Now it is time to enjoy.


These are images from a winery photo shoot at Jeriko Estate – organic and biodynamic winery.

The Cabernet will make your mouth very happy, we won’t even mention the sparkling – sigh!


Did I happen to mention that Jeriko has a villa available for special occasions?

Like renewing your vows wink, wink, nudge, nudge!


Jeriko Estate Winery, Estate House and Tasting Room – 12141 Hewlitt and Sturtevant Road, Hopland CA 95449

Telephone: (707) 744-1140


Jasmine in the air.

I have not checked out this scent in person (remote designing again) but I am sure I will like it.

The creators of this are sophisticated and have INCREDIBLE taste.

If you are ever in Mendocino, CA check out their shop Gallery of the Senses, 45050 Main St.


lathering up!

Not only does this soap smell unbelievable, it is also silky smooth and makes your skin feel soft and clean!

This design was for Mendocino Soap Company (Gallery of the Senses, 45050 Main St., Mendocino)


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